I’m a full-stack web developer, though I focus more on the front end. I’m into social impact projects, data visualization, typography, and all forms of design as well as science, math, art, and pretty much every other subject. I like running, reading non-fiction, learning about quantum mechanics and relativity, deeply analyzing works of art, organizing everything, making lists, cooking mediterranean, and petting any dog I meet. I volunteer with the amazing organization Dare2B. My last name is pronounced HIGH-ber-ger but I’m not a stickler.

The Short List

  • political issue: electoral reform to improve our democracy
  • life issue: climate change
  • fascination: behavioral economics
  • proud accomplishment: I’ve run two marathons.
  • hidden talent: I can recite Hamlet’s big soliloquy.
  • favorite hobby: exploring a new city
  • guilty pleasure: Broadway musicals
  • odd habit: I keep diligent lists of good conversation topics, fun facts, project ideas, etc.