smiling man in a knit cap facing forward

I’m a full-stack web developer, though I focus more on the front end. I build websites for positive change in the world. My aim is to craft simple, beautiful, and well-considered products. I’m into social impact projects, data visualization, typography, and all forms of design as well as science, math, art, philosophy, psychology and pretty much every other subject. I like running, reading non-fiction, learning about quantum mechanics and relativity, deeply analyzing works of art, organizing everything, making lists, making smoothies, cooking mediterranean, and petting any dog I meet. I volunteer with the amazing organization Dare2B. My last name is pronounced HI • ber • ger but I’m not a stickler.

The Short List

  • Political Cause: electoral reform to improve our democracy
  • Global Cause: addressing climate change
  • Side Interest: behavioral economics
  • Minor Accomplishment: I’ve run two marathons.
  • Hidden Talent: I can recite Hamlet’s “To be or not to be” soliloquy.
  • Favorite Pastime: exploring a new city
  • Guilty Pleasure: Broadway musicals
  • Avocation: I keep lists of good conversation topics, fun facts, side project ideas, and so much more.

I also make color-coded custom covers for my Spotify playlists. Click on a playlist to listen.