Note: Unfortunately, I don't have video recordings of any of my talks, only deck and notes.

  • What is a Web Developer?

    April 2019

    Given as part of Brooklyn Community Services’ Creative Industries Fair at P.S. 284

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  • antique illustration of a made holding a beer

    A Brewing History of Brooklyn

    December 2018

    A history of New York City’s beer brewing industry, focused on the German immigrant population of Bushwick, Brooklyn.

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  • portraits of Bentham and Kant with color overlays

    Moral Dilemmas

    October 2011

    An overview of the most well-known and much-debated moral quandaries and the philosophical and ethical schools of thought around them.

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  • old flyer and depiction of a woman holding a hatchet

    Carrie Nation

    December 2010

    The infamous American radical who led the temperance movement known for her saloon-smashing hatchet.

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  • museum exhibit of a human skeleton inside a dinosaur skeleton

    How We Make Decisions and Why They Often Suck

    October 2010

    A talk on behavioral science covering cognitive biases, heuristics, and persuasion.

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